200yd High Power Matches

Throughout the year, the Blue & Gray Rifle & Pistol Club holds several highpower matches at the Guntersville Dam 200yd range which adheres as closely as possible to CMP National Trophy Event rules, within the limitations of the facilities, allowing members and guests to practice and test their marksmanship skills. Basic match rules follows current CMP rules, which as of this posting are the CMP HIGHPOWER RIFLE COMPETITION RULES, 26TH EDITION – 2023. Specific match rules and exemptions to the CMP Competition Rules for this match series can be found in the annually published match bulletin.

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Match Director: David A. Chan

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Our Precision Rimfire Rifle (PRR) match series was started in October of 2020 as a spin-off of our long-running precision rifle centerfire matches. The PRR matches are held primarily at 50 yards, usually off the benches, sometimes with elements added at 100 yard or 25 yards. They are designed so that most matches can be completed with one 50-round box of your chosen rimfire ammo, including all scored shots and allowance for sighters and/or foulers. The matches are open to all modern rimfire calibers (typically 22 short/long/ long rifle/WMR, 17 HMR/HM2/WSM), with separate scoring categories for open sights and rifles with scopes, as well as separate categories for semi-auto, sporter, and match rifles.

The monthly PRR matches have their own website, at  Although there are always a variety of bullseye targets, we change the overall format – including a “Top Shot” segment – a little bit every month to keep it interesting.  Rules/format for the current match are posted on the website, and you can also see the rules for past and future matches there.  Because the target sheets are made up ahead of time for each match, sign-up in advance is required.  Contact match director Mike Charness via email at or through the PRR website.

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Smallbore Prone Match

The Smallbore Prone and F Class matches will commence starting 0830, at the B&G range.  Vintage .22lr match rifles shoot exceptionally well off a forward rest and rear sandbag, so if you have one, and a scope, you are ready to go.  F Class shooters and prone shooters all fire the same course of fire, at the same distances, but on different targets.  Rounds are fired single shot.  The match will consist of three 20 round targets at 50 yards, three 20 round targets at 100 yards,  each target with a time limit of 20 minutes, for a cumulative total of 120 shots for record. Prone shooters, per their preference, can use irons or a scope. Shooters have unlimited sighters on the bull on top of the target within the 20 minute period.  Shooters are encouraged to bring their own wind flags to supplement the limited number of wind flags placed forward of the firing line.  The more the merrier!  Bring your own pop up shelter to shoot in the shade.   Given few interruptions, matches are finished by 13:00.

Match Director: Brian Hunter at Contact Brian for the Match dates.